Your First MyoKinseiology Visit

What can I expect from a MyoKinesthetic Session?

We will evaluate your posture before and after each session. You should wear comfortable stretchy clothing that you can move and bend in. You will be asked to take off your shoes and possibly your socks. Depending on the unique posture and situation for each individual, we will work on specific dermatome lines to affect the nerve that is causing you difficulty. There will be passive movements and holds where I manipulate and assist you, and active movements that you will do to re-educate and balance your body. For some people, there can be a certain amount of tenderness or uncomfortability in the movements and holds, but it will not hurt.

How often should I get a MyoKinesthetic Session?

Each person is unique, and your nerve pain may decrease more rapidly or slowly than someone else’s. Typically, we will ask you to come for a series of three daily sessions back-to-back that last about 1/2 hour long, although your first appointment will take an hour so that we can go over your history. After that, you might come back once or twice the following week, depending on how long your body will hold its posture. How do you know when to come back? Your body will tell you. Each session will get farther and farther apart as your body learns its proper placement, or allostasis.

Is it OK to talk during my session?

Yes! We will be constantly communicating while working together.

Who is MyoKinesiology good for?

Anyone who is in pain or discomfort, or lacking range of motion can get MyoKinesiology. Each session is tailored to you.

Should I refer my friends and family?

Yes, referrals are an important part of our business. We appreciate the trust you put in us, and promise to take care of your friends and family as well as we take care of you.