I have been seeing Heather for massage therapy for over a year now. I make sure that my appointments are scheduled well in advance for deep tissue massage. She gets into the knots and definitely helps me relax from a very stressful job dealing with the public. I cannot give her a high enough recommendation, and am glowing after she is finished. ~ Jennifer C., Albany OR

I had a great experience getting treatment from Heather! I had a high impact head injury from being kicked in the face by a horse. Through cranio-sacral therapy she helped my face heal the way it was supposed to, and reduced the number of sinus infections and headaches I was experiencing as a result of my accident. Since then, I have come back for relaxation massages and I always leave refreshed! ~Morgan L., Norfolk, VA

In college, I was an athlete and since have experienced neck pain and back spasms for years due to the intense training that incurred. After ONE SINGLE MYOKINESTHETIC SESSION, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with spasms. Thank you, Heather! ~Mike N., Corvallis, OR